Monday, July 17, 2006

Marcel Duchamp The Entire Musical Work of Marcel Duchamp

though relatively unknown for his contributions to the world of sound, marcel duchamp's entire, though incredibly brief, musical output anticipated the radical direction of modern music vis a vis the chance operations of john cage and christian wolff (among many others) by nearly fifty years.

this recording documents four realizations of duchamp's 1913 compositions by the new york based s.e.m. ensemble at milano's studi regson in 1976. included are two interpretations of duchamp's the bride stripped bare by her bachelors,even, 1.3 voices: erratum musical and the 'instruction' piece musical sculpture. the resulting musical interpretations for voice, player piano, alto flute, celeste, trombone and glockenspiel are of a strikingly spare, slow and soft character that brings to mind the small sound compositions of morton feldman. this fully re-mastered disc features original photos of the performers and notes by petr kotik.



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